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PLEASE NOTE: The studio is open only when classes are taking place. For information and enrollment, contact us or enroll online. We look foward to having you in class!

TRANSFORM FITNESS STUDIO | Group Fitness & Training

To look better, feel better, and live longer - look no further than exercise! Fitness controls weight, combats health issues and disease, improves mood, boosts energy, improves sleep, and so much more. Fitness is truly transforming!

Fitness has the power to transform not only your body, but your life. Transform Fitness is committed to providing programming to optimize your fitness routine, maximize your time, and help you realize your goals.

Check out our class descriptions and enroll now and secure your membership at Transform Fitness!


PLEASE NOTE: Our studio is open ONLY when classes are taking place. We open approximately 15 minutes prior to class and close 15 minutes after. If you are looking for memebrship information or want to meet with someone, you can schedule an appointment by contacting us.

Updated Class Schedule Begins October 5

Please note our updated schedule which will begin Sunday, October 5th. To view the full schedule or download a copy, go here.


As always, we work to accomodate the requests and feedback of our members when creating and adjusting our schedule. Instructor availability and class attendance are the two factors that play the biggest role in determining any changes or additions. Classes that have 5 or fewer people in them for several weeks will be removed or adjusted.

Born to Move: Kid Fitness!

Colder temperatures means the kids are heading indoors more often. Keep your kids MOVING through the Holidays by having them participate in our 4-week session of Born-to-Move with a new weekly "drop in" option! Learn More

Why Group Fitness?

It's proven that people who work out in groups stay committed to their fitness routine longer than those who don't. Why? The GROUP EFFECT! On your own it's easier to stop when it get's tough . . . but in a group, you have the support you need to keep going! Group Fitness is the best way to get the motivation, education, and results that keep you coming back for more.

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